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20 Neuroscience Dissertation Writing Ideas Worth A Discussion

The following are some good dissertation topics that you can present for your paper in neuroscience

  1. Discuss the concept of neurobiology from an atheist’s perspective
  2. What are some of the core concepts that underline the study of the brain?
  3. Discuss the concept of neuroplasticity with respect to teaching the brain new ideas
  4. Describe the neurobiology of harmony, focusing on how the sound waves normally move in the brain and the reactions that they produce
  5. Some people are born genius while others acquire the knowledge over time. Discuss the neurobiology of genius and how it manifests
  6. Explain how Parkinson’s Disease affects the brain
  7. Human sexuality is strongly correlated and coordinated by the brain. Describe how this happens
  8. How do individuals become addicted? Explain with reference to the brain
  9. Every once in a while we come across individuals that are insane. Explain how their brains stop functioning like normal individuals and they turn insane
  10. Memory and aging are two concepts that work in opposite directions. Discuss how some individuals are able to maintain proper mental ability even as they grow older
  11. Conduct a preliminary investigation into the neurobiology of anxiety disorders
  12. Just as is the case with sex, love and other emotional affiliations are equally shared and manifest in the brain. Discuss how some of these sentiments manifest over time.
  13. Explain what the fragile x syndrome is all about, highlighting the neurobiology of mental retardation. How does this syndrome manifest?
  14. Discuss how the brain responds to different stimuli, and how this affects the speech and language that people learn.
  15. Explain why it is very easy for a small child to grow up and learn a new language, while it can become extremely difficult for an adult to go to a new place and learn a new language
  16. Art and creativity are things that happen in the brain. Discuss why some people are gifted in this sector while others try as much as they may, are not able to get anywhere closer to these skill levels
  17. With respect to the brain, what are executive functions?
  18. Discuss how the brain influences the behavior of an individual, and how this is related to the society that they live in
  19. Alzheimer’s disease can be managed effectively. Discuss how this can be done
  20. From a neurobiological perspective, what is the correlation between math and music?