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History Dissertation Writing: 10 Helpful Tips And Tricks

History classes are some of the most interesting. This is because you get to go way back into time and learn so much about stuff that happened back in the day. Thinks like independence, the wars, civil rights movements and so forth will interest you and amaze you. One of the other things that you will be doing is writing a dissertation. Given the chance to write your thesis paper in history, there are some helpful tips and tricks that you need to know about as we will discuss below:

  • Research
  • Timelines
  • Important persons
  • Important events
  • Select a strong topic
  • Draft your work
  • Write a good introduction
  • Have a thesis statement
  • Put up a strong conclusion
  • Always proofread your work


One of the most important tips that you will ever come to learn about when you are preparing to work on a history dissertation is the need for research. You should never forget this. It is the only way for you to get relevant material to support your paper.


Given the chance to write a dissertation in history, you should always focus on the timelines. This is a trick that will definitely work for you if you pay attention.

Important persons

Here’s an important trick that will help you present a good paper; whichever the timeline you choose in history, never forget to mention the most important people during that event in question in your thesis paper.

Important events

With important people in history, you must also mention the important events. This is not just a tip or a trick, but an important fact that will help you when you are writing that thesis paper.

Select a strong topic

The choice of topic that you use for your work will determine whether it will pass or fail, so choose wisely.

Draft your work

Having a draft will help you structure everything that you need for your work accordingly. This will also go so far in ensuring that you can tow the line appropriately.

Write a good introduction

The introduction will help present a good angle into your work, and keep the reader interested.

Have a thesis statement

The thesis statement is an important part of your work, considering that it will give your personal sentiments into the work you are doing.

Put up a strong conclusion

You already have a good title and introduction, have presented a strong paper too. Next up, make sure that you conclude your work in a good way.

Always proofread your work

Finally after spending so much time writing your paper, make sure that you have some time to proofread it.

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