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Dissertation proposal: how to write it in a proper and qualitative way

A dissertation proposal describes what your dissertation is about, asks questions that will be answered, provides theoretical background about dissertation, research methods and states probable outcomes of the research. A dissertation proposal’s purpose is to be approved by a funding source. It is not an essay. The dissertation proposal discusses an argument. The proposal introduces the argument and further discusses how it will be proven in the favor of the writer. If you even need advice or help while writing your dissertation proposal, know that there are advisors who can assist. Continue reading to learn more about the formatting and evidence you need to encompass in order to create a proper dissertation proposal.

Dissertation title

A long elaborate wordy title will not do. Keep it short and simple. Make sure that you get to the point. It is important to have a title that will draw people in.

Overall objectives

Make sure that you list your objectives. These objectives introduce a piece of your proposal. If you have more than three objectives, then you have too many.

Theoretical background

There is no limit on how many words you can use. Make sure that you mention primary ideas and study areas. Some proposals requirements will ask for specifics such as bibliography at the end.

Research details

This section allows you to highlight specifically your area of research. You want to magnify the ideas that were addressed in your research question.


This section is broken down into two sections: empirical and non-empirical. Empirical will consist of a research study and data collection for support. It is acceptable if this section is short. With non-empirical methodology, it will consist of research from other scholarly literary works which will not consist of data.

If you decide to use bullet points, make sure they are kept to a minimum in this section of your dissertation proposal.

Potential outcomes

This allows you to list out the probable outcomes. There is no need for the outcomes to be completely correct. These are just your hopeful predictions.


Some dissertation proposals require that you provide a timeline to help you manage your dissertation research. There are maps and tools that you can use such as the Gantt chart. Make sure your timeline is realistic.


This particular section is not always required. If it is required for your dissertation proposal, then provide a list of references that you will be using.

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