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Custom Dissertation Writing: Tips To Consider Before Making An Order

After spending months in agony, you have finally decided to get some help with your dissertation. You must be at the end of your rope. Do not pull out your teeth in frustration, academic writing services can be a huge relief from the pressures of research and writing. The last task of any length that you must do with care is selecting your writing company. Before you throw in the towel, do not forget to consider the following points:

  1. Where is this company located:
  2. Go through the contact form and other information on the website to ascertain the company’s existence in the real world. Although physical offices are fast becoming obsolete as virtual offices do the job equally well, it is still more comforting to know there is an actual place you can visit just in case.

  3. Contact information:
  4. A good agency will have more than one email address you can contact on. It will have a list of staff members and their official emails and (sometimes) phone numbers. The less information a company website provides, the more wary you should be.

  5. Credibility check:
  6. Other ways to check the credibility of a company are to ascertain the extent of their presence online, customer reviews etc. Find out how long the company has been around.

  7. Customer reviews and third party write-ups are an indicator of reliability of the company’s work. You will quickly learn whether the company can be trusted to deliver a quality dissertation before the deadline.
  8. Ethics:
  9. Do read and ask about the company’s policies. Do you find the policies regarding revisions, objections, satisfaction etc. to be fair? If you have any ambiguity in mind, clarify it before you make your decision.

  10. Payment security and fees:
  11. The payment method and website should be secure for credit card details. Do not miss the fine print about the terms of service and payment. You do not want to be billed each month just because you got one dissertation custom written by the company.

Your dissertation is the most important document of your academic life. The people you choose to trust with this work are equally important. Ask questions about your level of involvement in the process and the communication options the company has in place. Avoid shady characters and companies of questionable credibility. These will keep you safe while buying online.