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Are there a reliable dissertation and theses database on the Internet

When you are working on your dissertation or thesis, you can use reliable databases for sample papers. Fortunately, there are some places that you can go to find sample dissertations and theses. Many of the sites are free to students. Before you use the sites for sample papers, you should promise yourself that you will not copy any parts of the papers in your work.

College Database Options

One of the best places to find sample dissertations and theses is your college’s database. Most colleges and universities have collected the papers that their students have written. You should be given access to those databases as part of your tuition in the advanced degree program in which you are participating. If you have not received access, then you should ask your adviser for access to it. You should be able to search the database for topics that are similar to yours, but if you just need a paper to use as a sample for structure, it might be best to look for topics that are completely different than yours.

Commercial Writing Sites

Commercial writing websites also have reliable sample dissertations. You might have to pick and choose the dissertation or thesis that you want to use as a sample, but they do exist on many of the sites. Like the papers that you use from your college, you should never use any papers that you find online because they will show up on plagiarism-checking apps.

Writing Lab Websites

You can also find sample dissertations and theses on writing lab websites. These sites might not include whole papers, but they will give pieces that are important. You can learn how to write the abstract, the works cited pages, and all of the other unique requirements for your project. These sites also offer suggestions to help you make your paper more successful and interesting to read.

Professional Writers

Another opportunity that you have for your paper is to hire someone to write part of it for you. There are plenty of experienced writers who are looking for opportunities to help students get their work done. These writers usually have written their own dissertations and theses and they have enjoyed the process so much that they want to write more of them for students like you. These writers also have samples that they can share, especially if you are considering hiring one of them.

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