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How to write a Doctoral dissertation without a hitch

Many doctorate programs will require that their students write a doctoral dissertation in order to graduate. A doctoral dissertation is much like a thesis but the idea behind it is to have the student create a one of a kind case study and prove their work to the board. The dissertation should add to the knowledge pool and be on a topic not previously discussed or build on a previous case.

How do I get it done?

The first requirement will be to write a dissertation proposal or dissertation prospectus which will be presented to the board before you complete your work. This prospectus will have to show the board that you have a solid topic and that you will be able to find enough factual evidence to prove your claims. This may be the most difficult of the process because one you have an approved topic, you only have to write the paper.

Deciding on a topic

Deciding on what topic to write about can be the most challenging part of writing your paper because you need to research a topic that you are interested in and then come up with a unique statement on this topic to prove through the writing of your dissertation.

Creating an outline

Once you have your topic, make sure to create an outline so you can start gathering your ideas and evidence and breaking it down into the different points that you will discuss. If you find that you have a lot of information and it is hard to break down, maybe you can narrow your topic a little more to make your research more concise.

Create a thesis

Your thesis will be the generalized statement that you are trying to prove. It will be like a synopsis of your paper and will be the main focus. Your thesis main change a little over the course of your research but have one in place so you know where to concentrate your efforts. Your research will be to prove this thesis.

Research and note taking

When doing your research, you may want to put your facts and quotes on index cards. Be sure to write the citation information on the back of the card and keep one document with all of the complete source information with a general description of the source. This will be very important because you will have to show a complete citation and a description on your prospectus and on your paper. The index cards come in handy because you can lay them out to match your outline and see if they are in the correct spot.

These tips are sure to help you get through your dissertation. Remember to start early. This is not the type of paper that you can do last minute.

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