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Making Note Before Starting Your Masters Thesis

A master’s thesis is a huge project, and will probably be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. It also comes with a huge sense of accomplishment, and will be a great triumph when you’re finished it and proud of your work. In order to do this, you should make a lot of notes about what you want to have in your thesis. Having a lot of planning done before the writing such as making an outline or visit online masters dissertation writing services. It always saves you time to have the hard decisions laid out ahead of the bulk of the work and already set in stone. That being said, you can deviate from your outline as needed. It isn’t completely rigid, as you were the one who created it, but it is a good idea to make your outline as detailed as possible so you don’t have to second guess your decisions later on. Also you may ask the support of a trustworthy dissertation writing service to proofread your paper after.

Why take Notes for a Dissertation?

Making notes involves many different things. The biggest reason why you’d want to is because it helps you be more in depth and connected to your research material. Here’s a list of some of the activities you’ll want extra notes on:

  • Doing research and finding good sources – take lots of notes on why you want to use a particular book, quote or source and where in your thesis you see it being placed
  • Take notes on important dates and time periods related to your thesis topic
  • What are your thoughts and opinions about controversial or mysterious events related to the topic you’ve chosen? It’s a good idea to have an equal mix of opinion and fact when it comes to things like this.
  • Also consider taking notes during any documentaries you watch or other video material that could have some good quotes for using in the thesis

If you have the chance to interview a professional working in his field, take along paper and pen but also a voice recorder if you have one, because you can listen back to the entire conversation and take more notes on it later

Another good situation to take notes in is if you’re talking to your advisor about your thesis and they give you advice on it. It’s important to remember what they say, because they’ve been where you are before and know what makes a great thesis


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