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How To Write an Introduction for a Masters Thesis Paper to Hook The Reader

Creating a great introduction for your master’s thesis paper is one of the most difficult parts of writing. That said, creating a compelling introduction could also be a great way to get attention for your thesis and attract new readers. Try to think of your introduction as your opportunity to engage an audience and prompt them to continue reading. Once you fully realize the importance of creating a perfect introduction you will know how to approach the writing process better. Hopefully, this will help you overcome the first hurdle to completing your Master’s Thesis.

Begin By Understanding “Why” The Introduction is So Important

The introduction section of your thesis is where your reader will get all the information that they need about your paper. Basically, it should summarize the ideas and concepts that will be covered as well as introduce your “thesis statement” and reason for writing.

Use A Writing Strategy To Keep Your Audience’s Attention During The Introduction

There are many creative ways to capture a reader in an introduction. For example you can share a compelling antidote or use an interesting fact or statistic to get the reader interested. When it comes to capturing the audience the trick is to lead in with an idea that is general and then gradually explain how it relates to the subject of your paper. By doing this you can assure that the reader is invested in what you have to say, making them more likely to continue reading.

Have A Clear “Thesis Statement”

Your introduction should conclude with a very clear and precise thesis statement. Within the introduction your thesis statement should be clear and explain what the rest of the paper is going to be about. It should introduce the author’s stance and lead in to the rest of the paper. In many ways the “thesis statement” is a few sentences that summarize what the entire paper is going to be about.

It is safe to say that writing a good introduction is the first obstacle to completing a fantastic master’s thesis paper. Always remember that the best way to hook the reader is with a little bit of bait! Carefully consider what you are trying to say in your composition and make that very clear within the introduction part of your thesis. Use creative writing strategies to get the reader’s attention and then gradually leading into your “thesis statement” once you have your audience’s interest.