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Some original dissertation topics in education you can use

When looking for the topic of your dissertation, you have to keep in mind the purpose of your work all the time. The main idea of writing a dissertation is to research the topic as deeply as possible and bring something new to what already exists in the field. If you are writing a thesis or dissertation in education, you have plenty of work to do. Education is one of the most important aspects of modern society, as it brings knowledge to young people and helps them develop our world. That is why finding new techniques and approaches is such an important mission. The choice of your topic will develop a lot on what age of students you want to be oriented in the future. Take a look at our suggestions. For your comfort they are divided in thematical groups.

  1. Pre-school children.
    • How is the mandatory pre-schooling connected with the economic and social development of a country?
    • The influence of pre-schooling on the easiness of later social integration of a child.
    • At what age is it psychologically appropriate for a child to go to pre-school?
    • Skills and knowledge that children need to gain in preschool.
    • Shall the pre-school teaching take place in form of a game or be more near to actual studying?
  2. Elementary/primary school children.
    • Which subjects shall be mandatory for the primary school curriculum?
    • Shall the exception exams at primary schools be held and how will it influence psychological state of a child?
    • New techniques and innovations in elementary education for the past 20 years.
    • How to solve the problem of parents paying not enough attention to their primary-school children with the help of school?
  3. Middle and high school children.
    • Reasons of school bullying and methods of its prevention.
    • Will diving schools into separate-gender influence the overall development of children and complicate future relations?
    • Is it more effective to divide the children into classes according to their grades and intellectual level?
    • Will the religious education at schools cause massive misunderstandings and protests in society?
  4. College and university education.
  • Shall living on campus be mandatory at first stages of integration a student into the university community?
  • Shall a better practical approach be introduced to the university system or does the modern one suit the needs of students after graduation?
  • Shall the tuition be reduced for the professions, valuable for the government and society?