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A List Of Great Sociology Dissertation Ideas To Consider

The strength and success of any dissertation entirely depends on the chosen topic. The area for research shouldn’t be completely novel, but it should shed new light on the existing knowledge. It shouldn’t necessarily be current, but it should be captivating and manageable for the researcher. Look through the following topic ideas in different fields of sociology and choose or create your own particular topic.

Sociology of culture dissertation ideas:

  • How does immigration influence existing cultural norms and beliefs in the US society?
  • Webber’s theory of rationalism: can it be applied in the modern US social structure?
  • American popular culture: historical changes and development.
  • Appearance and growth of subcultures in different geographical areas of the US.
  • Diffusion of multiple cultures in the modern US society. Comparative analysis of these cultures.

Sociology of education dissertation ideas:

  • Social counseling for the pupils of primary schools: structure and effects.
  • The dependence of class progress on a teacher’s motivation in a public school.
  • How does the school environment influence children’s understanding of the real social life?
  • Are modern public schools ready to create tolerant environment for the children of different social backgrounds?
  • Comparative study of the US and UK educational systems in terms of their effectiveness in shaping societal norms.

Sociology of religion dissertation ideas:

  • Religious diffusion as the result of social interaction.
  • How does religion influence the choice to marry?
  • Politics and religion in the US: interrelations and dependence.
  • The role of print and electronic media in promoting religious views.
  • The impact of religion on the development of social norms in the US and Arabic countries.

Sociology of family and marriage dissertation ideas:

  • How has the perception of the standard US family changed over the years?
  • Domestic violence: social reasons.
  • The reasons for divorces in the US society: historical outlook.
  • Nuclear family system versus extended family system.
  • Comparing standard family models in the US society and Chinese society.

Sociology of economy dissertation ideas:

  • Communism versus capitalism: comparative analysis of economic models.
  • Social changes that occur as the result of current informational revolution.
  • Communism in the US society: is it possible?
  • The effect of the increased labor migration on the US society.
  • Comparative analysis of the welfare of the people in the US and Japan.

Sociology of crime dissertation ideas:

  • Are the US criminal statistics true? How are the data obtained?
  • Social reasons behind the street attacks in the US.
  • Crimes: religious, ethnical, and gender backgrounds.
  • How can crimes be prevented? Social alternatives.
  • High rates of youth crimes in the US: social causes and solutions.