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A Selection Of Social Work Undergraduate Dissertation Topics

To graduate with a degree in social work, students must first complete their undergraduate dissertation. Students who are unaccustomed this level of writing may find the task before them to be daunting and formidable. Rather than procrastinate, students should immediately start to think of topic ideas for their dissertation. By figuring out a topic idea in advance, students can immediately start to research their thesis and finish writing it ahead of time.

Social Work Undergraduate Dissertation Topics

  1. The Frequency of Neglect and Physical Abuse Among Children Who Possess Hyperactivity Disorder
  2. The Ethical Challenges That Are Faced in Social Care Research
  3. The Various Factors That Increase the Likelihood of Child Neglect
  4. Ways to Prevent Bullying Against Children With Disabilities
  5. What Are Specific Patterns of Abuse That Are Dealt With By Children?
  6. What are the Ethical Challenges That Are Faced in Researching People With Physical or Mental Handicaps?
  7. How Does Poverty and Education Increase or Decrease the Chances of Someone Needing Social Services?
  8. How Can Underdeveloped Societies Intervene to Stop the Maltreatment of Children?
  9. Give an Overview of the Ontological and Epistemological Viewpoints on Research in the Social Sciences.
  10. How Is Ageism Faced or Dealt With by the Elderly?
  11. How Is the Abuse of the Elderly Similar to Child Abuse?
  12. How Has Technology Caused a Generational Division Among the Population? What Is the Ongoing Impact of This Division?
  13. Describe the History and Development of Social Work in the United States. What Conditions Led to the Development of This Field? How Has the Goal of Social Workers Changed Over the Years?
  14. How Have Charitable Groups Managed to Ensure Health Care and Social Services in Pakistan?
  15. What Are Some of the Ways That China Is Currently Modifying its Pension System?
  16. Is the United States System of Social Work Financially Sustainable? What Are Some Changes That Should Be Made to the Government's Policy?
  17. What Are Some of the Environmental Risk Exposures Faced by Certain Groups in Under-Developed Countries?
  18. How Does Racial Discrimination Increase Health Disparities Between Minorities and the General Population in the United States?
  19. How Does the Social Work System in the United Kingdom Compare to the United States? Is One Nation Better Than the Other?
  20. How Do Charitable Organizations Meet Some of the Need for Social Work in the United States?
  21. What Are Techniques for Reducing Recidivism Among Substance Abusers?
  22. Does the Current Prison System Reduce Recidivism Rates for Criminals? Compare the New Approach of Rehabilitative Justice to the United States' Retributive Justice System.