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The Top 10 Sample Dissertation Topics in Education

Rarely do educational trends last for very long. The core of education is teaching, but the delivery, philosophies, and environment often change. If you are looking for an excellent dissertation topic, you want to look at these trends through the years. Also, predicting new methods and movements in the field of education would make for a great title. Consider the following top ten subjects as you begin your thesis.

  1. Core Standards: Yes or no, the topic inspires passion, opinion, and strong conversation. This would make for an excellent choice.
  2. Year Around School: Believe or not, the jury is still out on whether it is a good idea or not. Schools are considering using department heads and lead teachers instead of school principals.
  3. Schools Without Principals: Several schools have tried the no-principal approach; this would make for interesting research and writing.
  4. Non-educators Making Education Decisions: What roles should business and non-educators make in determining school policy?
  5. Team Teaching: This method has been around for quite a while and many teachers swear by it, but how effective is it?
  6. Standardized Testing and How Important is it: Should a test determine whether a child is promoted or graduates? And should a test determine the proficiency of a teacher? Should teachers be fired due to low-test scores?
  7. Electronic Schools: Do schools which have Ipad or laptop books have a better education accuracy and developmental rating that traditional hard textbook schools?
  8. Project Based Learning: Life is a project, and teaching life-skills means that that the classroom is a small reflection of the adult real world. A thesis on this would involve some very interesting facts and could be quite enlightening.
  9. Longer School Hours Less School Days: Should school be from Monday to Thursday, but with much longer hours? These ideas and other schedule change ideas have been discussed for years. See if you can find schools that have switched up the hours and then research the results.
  10. How Much has School Changed through the Years: A paper on changes in the field of education, pro and con, would make for a good paper. Try to narrow the filed to an area of change or the topic might be too general for a paper.

Education is a field everyone touches at some point. So the ideas for a fresh and innovative dissertation are plentiful. Use one of these ten topics for the perfect paper.