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Where to Find a Reliable Example of a Dissertation Proposal

You are working on one of the first steps to write your dissertation, your dissertation proposal is your first look at what your dissertation is going to be composed of and a crucial piece of your work.  Your dissertation proposal is what you are going to present to your advisors, so you can start to write your dissertation.  The proposal is made up of most of the facts that you are going to put in your dissertation and can be used as an elaborate outline for your dissertation. 

Writing your dissertation proposal can be hard but one thing you can do to help you write your dissertation proposal is to use examples to show you how a dissertation proposal is supposed to look and it will give you ideas on what yours should include.  There are some places where you can find great examples of dissertation proposals that will help you write yours. 

Where to Find Dissertation Proposal Examples

  • The first place you can look for dissertation proposal examples is online.  When you are searching for reliable examples of a dissertation proposal, you want to start with university and college sites.  They will have the most accurate results and using examples from these sites will make writing yours easier.
  • If you are unable to find what you need online, you can always try your school’s library.  They usually have past students proposals archived for other students to use as examples; this will also show you the correct way to do one because a student did it from your school. 
  • Another place to find good examples is from your advisors.  They are the ones that are supposed to be helping you during the process of writing your dissertation and they might have examples or could tell you how the proposal is to be written. 

When you are looking for examples of a dissertation proposal, you want to make sure that you find ones that are accurate to your school’s format.  Each school’s format can be different than others and if you use the wrong examples, it will hurt your proposal.  You also want to find examples for dissertation proposals that are on or close to the subject that you working on.  Finding dissertation proposals on the topic or subject that you are going to do your dissertation on will give you a better understanding of what you should and shouldn’t include in your dissertation proposal.  

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