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Where To Find High School Senior Thesis Topics Available For FreeĀ 

Congratulations, you've made it! You managed to navigate through the turbulent waters of high school socialization and survived the awkward years of formation of your personality and character. Now you're finally ready to shed all the bad memories and boldly start a completely new phase of your life.

But, before you leave your high school behind for good, there is only one final obstacle you need to overcome: The high school senior thesis. Don't let the anxiety intimidate you. A thesis is nothing more than a test containing only one question; and you get to choose which question it will be. You have plenty of time to prepare the answer and can have it in writing in front of you at all times while you're defending your thesis. That doesn't sound so scary now, does it?

Know the tone of your subject

To choose an appropriate thesis for yourself, you will first have to find a field of study you are most comfortable discussing. Note that different disciplines have different standards of rigor. For example, mathematics requires exact proofs while in literature it's quite possible to interpret the same situation in several ways.

Getting a good mentor

Another important factor is selecting a proper mentor. Your mentor will be one of your professors or a private tutor from the field of study you've chosen. You would ideally want a mentor with whom are you have a good relationship, as you will then be able to contact and ask him for guidance. A good mentor will also be the one who attempts to poke holes in your thesis, while you use arguments and reasoning to defend it.

Researching for a topic

Finding the topic itself is fairly easy. You can browse textbooks and select a heading or a chapter name for your thesis. You can also go to a library and pick a title of a related book or even create a thesis from your own thoughts on the subject. Whatever you choose, make sure you have plenty of material from which you can extract valuable quotes and information to support your point of view.

A high school senior thesis has generally lost a lot of the prestige it once had and even professors consider it a formality and a matter of routine. Therefore, don't be too frightened of the apparent seriousness of the situation. Keep your cool and you will ace it without a problem.