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Help me find successful education dissertation topics

In this article, you will find information on how to find a topic as well as a few suggestions on what topics you can write about. You will also get a little information on how to get the process started.

In order to get your PhD in education, you may need to complete a dissertation. A dissertation is much like a graduate thesis in which you are trying to prove a statement. The topic that you choose is super important because it has to be about a topic that is substantial in your field. It should express your critical thinking skills about your hypothesis. You will need to find evidence to support your claim and organize it into a format that strives to explain your reasoning.

What are some good topics to use?

To find a topic for your education dissertation, you can look in a few spots. The first is on the internet. There are tons of different sites that can give you ideas on what to write about. Since your thesis has to be fairly specific, it is hard to compile every topic that you could write about. Various sites can give you some great ideas and get you headed in the right direction. Another place to look is in any of your text books. There are a lot of theorists that you have read about over the years and their ideas are great to expand upon for your dissertation. These ideas listed below can help get you thinking on the right track.

  • Are parents an asset to elementary school teachers?
  • What role do parents play in the literacy of children at an early age?
  • What is the effectiveness of homework on the overall understanding of school topics?
  • Does play serve a significant role in literacy at an early age?
  • Do children who get more limited experiences with literacy and language have a harder time learning how to read?
  • How has technology affected learning in schools?
  • How important is it to understand the different learning styles?

Now that you have an idea about what you want to write your dissertation on, start to do some research so that you can develop your thesis and write an outline. These are the major portions of writing your paper. Things will be a lot easier once you have nailed down a topic, written your thesis statement, and completed your outline. All that will be left is to continue to do the research to bulk up your outline into your paper.