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Writing a Doctoral Dissertation: Amazing Tricks to Make Your Task Easier

A doctoral dissertation is a huge job that will require much time, effort, and research. There are a few tips that will help make the process easier.

Primary Resources

You will need primary resources for your doctoral dissertation. If you can, make a list of the experts you are going to interview. Place your interview requests early. Procuring the interviews may be one of the more time consuming jobs in the doctoral dissertation, so getting this out of the way first will relieve a lot of stress. Some people will refuse your request, so ask for more interviews than you really need. As you interview the person, record the sessions. Phone interviews and email interviews can be an alternative to face-to-face ones.

Small Milestones

Work through the discovery and writing process in segments. If you break your jobs into smaller easy to handle tasks, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. You may be able to actually accomplish a job every day if the milestones are manageable.

Editing Tutor

Hire an editing tutor for a few sessions. This tutor can edit sections as you progress. If structuring the paper is a challenge for you, see if the editing tutor is willing to help with the outline and organization.


Make a work schedule as you work on the paper. Have a general time frame for completion and then a more specific schedule for the months and weeks during your process. Do not get behind or miss deadlines in writing your doctoral dissertation.

Finalizing the Paper

Once you have researched and written the paper, you will want a professional to proof read the entire paper. This fresh set of eyes will be worth every penny you pay them. Once it has been edited, make the necessary changes, so you can soon finish it and then argue your dissertation.

Along the Way

Do not forget some simple small, but important tips to use as you work your way through the doctoral dissertation. You will want to reevaluate your direction frequently, meet with your advisor on a regular basis, and talk to the experts in your field. Read all the periodicals and publications on your field. Do not forget to talk to as many experts in the arena as you possibly can. Work a tiny bit each day and progress through the steps with confidence.