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20 Great Suggestions for Dissertation Topics in Project Management

If you can’t come up with an interesting project management dissertation topic on your own, take a look at the following suggestions:

  1. Real value of project management in a successful business today.
  2. Inter-agency collaboration strategies and decision making process.
  3. Evaluation of pros and cons of outsourcing to Asian countries from U.S. IT businesses.
  4. International business strategies in project management.
  5. Problems of project management in a multicultural setting.
  6. Evaluation and assessment techniques employed in project management.
  7. How to increase project management efficiency in a newly established business.
  8. The challenges start-up organizations face with their project management.
  9. How to ensure equal quality of project management in different departments.
  10. How does studying project management help you establish a private business?
  11. Evidence of your project success or failure: gathering and analysis.
  12. The most common reasons of failure in multicultural project management.
  13. Agile project management: definition, benefits, challenges.
  14. Outsourcing as a method of business development and project management challenges it represents.
  15. Project management and inner company politics.
  16. What does it take to create an excellent project manager?
  17. How to successfully manage a large-scale multicultural outsourcing project.
  18. Coordination of your main office and outsourcing projects.
  19. The advantages of employing a qualified project manager in a small business.
  20. Human error in project management.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Topic

When writing a dissertation, you must remember that the topic you choose has to meet some specific requirements:

  1. It must be original.
  2. You can’t write about something that has already been explored. Even if you focus on some popular issue, your approach must present it from an original angle.

  3. It has to be relevant.
  4. Writing a dissertation takes time, so you will need to try your hand in prediction. Your topic must be relevant not only now but remain this way until the time you complete the project.

  5. It must be educational.
  6. If your dissertation doesn’t offer any new knowledge, you might consider it a failure. The ultimate purpose of this paper is to fill in some blank in the existing area of study or add some new branch to it.

  7. It should sound impressive.
  8. Remember that the majority of your employers will only read the name of your dissertation from the CV.

    Therefore, you should choose something that will sound catchy enough to increase your chances of getting an interview.

  9. You should be interested in it.
  10. Some amount of emotional investment in your research will help you stay motivated and really give your all to the work.