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Doctorate Without A Dissertation: A Complete Reply To A Popular Request

Dissertation is one of the most challenging academic assignments for students. They do not understand why they fail even after struggling hard with their paper. Sometimes they lack interest in their paper while other times they just do not pay close attention to the instructions. This can also happen when a student tries several times to get his dissertation approved but he does not get the required results in the end. This leads to disappointment and the student feels less motivated for his paper. In such a situation, students usually tend to hire online writing agencies or freelance writers to complete their paper. They do not have any other option because they do not want to fail their paper.

Students prefer to opt easy ways for their academic assignments. They do not want to have much trouble in their paper. They have busy routines and do not like to spend all their time on a specific subject or assignment. It is a tough choice because they need to have a professional degree as well as maintain their social lives. They need to strike a balance between academics and co-curricular activities but a dissertation will not let them do so. When you are writing a dissertation, you will have to plan your time and dedicate your best productive hours of the day to your dissertation. This will leave you with nothing much to do in the rest of your day else than having some peace.

Due to this particular reason and a few other problems, students prefer to look for doctorate that does not involve writing a dissertation. This might come as a surprise to you but many students wish that they did not have to write the dissertation and still get their doctorate degree. This will be easier and time saving.

When there is a demand for something, then there is supply as well. More and more students tend to avoid writing their dissertations that gave rise to online university programs that offer doctorate degree without having to suffer the hustle of a dissertation. These programs are not very popular among students yet but they can be a good alternative to the traditional doctorate program. This will help the students in getting their ideal program without writing a dissertation. However these programs are very rare and not all universities offer them.