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How to write a PhD thesis in a week

Writing a PhD thesis ideally requires months of research, preparation work and editing.  However, sometimes life just won’t allow for a person to take the time needed for the PhD thesis. When that is the case, a person will have to crunch all that work down into a smaller time frame.  When the person only has a week to complete their thesis they will still be able to get the task done.

The student will be able to break the work down into a five day week in order to get the paper completed.  Breaking the work down into day by day will make a student able to get through the work and then have a piece that will be proud of.

Work Breakdown of the Week:

  • Day One:  Research, Research, and then Research.  The author of the thesis will need to find out everything that you can on the subject of the thesis.  Then they should comb through the research to determine what they will include into their work.  
  • Day Two:  Since they have combed through the research and know what the paper will include; they need to create an outline of how the paper will work.  From the outline, the student should begin writing the piece itself.
  • Day Three:  Finish writing the piece, if they didn’t get it done of day two.  Once the paper is wrote in its entirety, find any holes in the research and then find the research to fill the holes.
  • Day Four: Edit.  Reread and then edit again.  This should be the only thing that the student should do.  Read it, edit it. Take a break.  Read it, edit it, and the take another break.
  • Day Five: Create the other pages.  The title pages, the abstract, the reference pages, and appendices.  The writer can review the other pages and make sure that the thesis is complete and well done.

It the student has a seven day week, they can extend the process.  By allowing themselves to extend process of the writing.  The will be able to extend it to two day instead of just the one.

While this process is a ton of work this smashed into a week, but it is very possible to complete the process of a thesis in a week.  While the week will be a week that the student is completely shut down from the outside world, it’s possible for the student to write it.