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How To Complete A Financial Economics Dissertation: 10 Writing Tips

The way in which one conclude his or her work has an influence on the entire paper. For instance, a poor ending will attract hapless grades while outstanding and competent ones always draw in estimable marks. Therefore, it is importance to be well versed with the following ten crafting tips if you want to join the top rated writers.

  • Ingeminate the topic
  • Capture the title in your last part of the text and present its significance. Do not exactly employ similar words but use synonyms and simple terminologies that can easily be comprehended by all readers.

  • Avoid words that depict double meaning
  • To avert from confusing your audience, you have no choice but to annul from using words that are complex and have more than one meaning. This is majorly because, the reader spends a lot of valuable time in trying to figure out the exact message intended to be passed across.

  • Paraphrase your thesis
  • Apart from giving a summary of the topic, you can also amend your finish up by employing a paraphrased information of your thesis. This is significant as it shows the reader the main idea you have been jotting about in the previous paragraphs.

  • Close with logic
  • Based on the evidences, facts and opinions given to support your arguments, you need to let the reader to be aware of your ultimate stand.

  • Restate your main arguments
  • The major supportive ideas and opinions given in the body of the text to justify the thesis statement should be reiterated without further expounding on them. Adhere to using a lucid flow of the points to avoid confusion.

  • Annul from introducing new ideas
  • As seen above, the writer is free to restate the key arguments in this section. However, it is wrong to incorporate any new idea which you did not initially mention in the previous paragraphs.

  • Point out the significance of your arguments
  • If initially, you had not done this, concisely outline the important of your key points. However, if you had done it, you do not need to go into them. Take not that this is only essential in some but not all research papers.

  • Make a call to action when necessary
  • Sometimes, you may be certain that the research carried out is insufficient. Such a situation can be dealt with through calling for action where more in-depth exploration of the topic should be done.

  • Give recommendations
  • Economics is a wide platform that is subject to amendment. If you have ideas that can be used to ameliorate the subject matter, you can recommend them briefly so that readers can take them into consideration.

  • Read through to correct mistakes
  • Although rarely considered by some writers, proofreading is an essential requisite when it comes to crafting an outstanding ending. Take a few minutes to do this and correct the potential spelling mistakes and typing errors.