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How To Create A Dissertation Hypothesis: Tips And Samples

Writing a dissertation can be overwhelming. Not only does it needs hours of research and analysis but you will also have to take care of important nitty-gritty. You have to be very careful with your project because your grades are dependent on it and hence your career. Before you start working on your dissertation you need to work on the hypothesis. It is the statement or fact on which you will base your research. Through the experiments in your dissertation you will be able to cross out all the outcomes and be able to prove the hypothesis.

Here are some tips to help you write your hypothesis:

  • Make it easy to read. Keep in mind that the hypothesis will be read by people who may not be experts in the field of your research. So keep it short and to the point. Do not make it overly long and addressed in the clearest way possible. Do not use complex terms and terminology if possible.
  • Keep it simple. Do not write unnecessary details, simply state what you are trying to prove through your research or the predictions you are trying to make from theory and hope the research will also prove the same.
  • Make it powerful. Your hypothesis is the whole basis of your research so make it powerful and do not fumble in the approach. Do not compromise on the hypothesis and make it a long drawn statement.

Now, before you start witting the hypothesis of your dissertation it is a good idea to check for some examples. A good hypothesis will not be more than 10 to 12 words so it will not take a lot of time. Just go through some of the dissertations done by your seniors or you can search on the internet.

There are lots of websites where you can check out some samples for your project. Here is an example of writing a hypothesis. Say you want to prove overeating causes obesity among children. So your hypothesis should read like ‘children who tend to overeat are more prone to obesity’.

Through this hypothesis you have asserted your side of the argument now all you have to do is prove it using all the research data and homework you have done on the topic. You will have to design your experiments and research methodology according to the hypothesis.