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Looking for a Proper Dissertation Data Analysis Example Available for Free

Perhaps the most difficult chapter of the dissertation to write is the data analysis chapter. Looking at the data analysis chapter from completed dissertation proposals or completed versions is the best way to see the chapter in context. You will be able to see the previous and following chapters to have an idea of how it fits in the entire document. Having excellent examples of data analysis from qualitative and quantitative studies from the resources below will enable you to write and format your chapter in the appropriate manner that your committee will find acceptable.


Proquest is the primary database for dissertations that were published in the U.S. and Canada. To access the main Proquest data, you will need to be a member of an educational institution that subscribes to it. However, there is an alternative, which is the Proquest Open Access data where you can obtain some full text versions without having to be a member.

The following are international databases, which provide a broader range to choose from:

  • DART-Europe E-theses Portal
  • ADTP
  • EThOS: (UK and Ireland)
  • NDLTD (Various University and Countries represented)
  • Center for Research Libraries International
  • Williams WorldCat.
  • Theses Canada database


These websites have full-length samples from all of the academic disciplines, so you will be able to search for the ones that are closest to the type of study that you are doing.

  • Intellectual Entrepreneurship
  • Learning and Performance Quarterly Website


Review some of the published studies in scholarly studies. These contain data analysis for both qualitative and quantitative studies. They are discipline-specific, so choose those that are in your field of study. Some of the online journals are:

  • “Open Political Science Journal”
  • “International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research”
  • “International Journal of Social Science Studies”
  • “Research in Business and Economics Journal”
  • “Cultural Geography & Geohumanities”
  • “Journal of Public Administration and Governance”
  • “Gida : Journal of Food”
  • “Journal of Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine”
  • “Archives of Public Health”
  • “Journal of Sustainable Energy”
  • “Theory of Computing”
  • “Molecular Systems Biology”
  • “Nordidactica International Journal of Biomedical Imaging”
  • “Journal of Humanities and Social Science Education”
  • “International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Discovery”
  • “Transplant Research and Risk Management”
  • “Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technologies”
  • “International Aquatic Research”
  • “Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technologies”
  • “International Aquatic Research”