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A List Of Outstanding Ideas For Law Dissertations For University Students

When studying legal degrees, most university students will at some point or another need to write a dissertation. A dissertation is essentially a large essay and will involve a great deal of research, as well as being made up of several different sections - far more than the usual introduction, body and conclusion of smaller essays.

Due to the size of these academic papers, it is important to think of a good topic or title to write about, so that you can go into enough depth. If you’re struggling to think of an idea for your paper then feel free to read what is written below for further ideas.

For extra inspiration, read useful publications and look at past work

A great way of getting inspiration for topic ideas is to read relevant legal publications, as well as to look at the work of former law students. Many of these publications and past papers can be found published on a range of different websites on the Internet.

Ensure you know enough about an area of law that you wish to right about

Whatever area of law you choose to write about, it is important that you have a detailed enough knowledge about it to begin with. Although you will need to carry out some research, you don’t want to be starting from scratch for your dissertation.

Correctly use citations and references where necessary

Finally, one last bit of advice is to ensure that use any citations and references correctly, both in a legal sense, and in an academic sense.

  • How do the various institutions of the European Union work together in order to form new laws?
  • An analysis of statute law and case law and how they are applied in the legal systems of different countries around the world
  • What role should juries have in determining sentences for convicted persons?
  • An analysis of how plea bargaining can be detrimental for society in its quest for justice
  • Should capital punishment be used in civilised societies?
  • What is the role of the justice system and is the role always adhered to?
  • Should the police have any powers to administer justice?
  • Is the criminal justice system doing enough to reform criminals?
  • An analyse of how the criminal justice system has changed over the past 100 years
  • How do major international businesses use loopholes in tax laws to avoid paying taxes legally?