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How to properly revise a thesis for the PhD degree

A PhD thesis comes with an overwhelming power of pressure, and usually students are worried about the examiner’s report mainly. Opinions about thesis differs from one examiner to another which make students more confused to confront which report to start on the revision process of their thesis. However, the board often directs them to a specific examiner to lessen the confusion and misunderstanding between both parties. There are steps students can start with to revise their thesis in a non-stressful manner for a better learning experience.

Read examiner’s report thoroughly

Examiners write their reports to direct students to express their ideas in a better writing technique. Some of them may get strict about the writing format and others look onto the major idea. However, students will need to focus on their writing skills to stress and prove their argument.

  • Inspect the report carefully, and ask as many questions for a better understanding of the examiner’s report.

Address the Examiner’s comments separately

Students get distressed with the examiner’s comments about their work, as a result it is best to tackle each comment separately, and address them in a detailed manner. This way a students will lessen the stress towards revising the thesis and will move forward to a better product.

  • When students are confused about the examiner’s point of view towards their work, it is best to make a friend read it as this person will have fresh mind towards the idea.

Writing Technique

Sentences structure and grammar need to be interesting to catch the examiner’s attention, as a result, students need to focus on their writing technique, and the consistent flow of ideas they are trying to express.

  • Try to change any writing structure that may be confusing or inexplicit to the reader.

Reach out for an advisor

If examiner’s comments are still unclear to some students, usually advisors know how to tackle these situations. They may know examiners’ techniques to attain a better experience for the thesis revision process.

  • Advisors are a great source of information to help direct students for a better editing and revising experience.

Express your argument

Examiners may not know the students’ work and that may result in confusion whereas the student may believe that the examiner’s comment isn’t acceptable. In this situation, he/she may argue his/her case, and can ask for advice from the advisor on how to express it avoiding misunderstandings.

  • Meeting up with the examiner may get into a better understanding between both parties to exchange ideas.

A PhD degree is a passage for a new learning experience, and career. Students have great tools and help to revise their thesis. As a result stress free editing, and revising the thesis defines achievements towards their degree.