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How to Start Writing: Deciding on a Topic

Staring at the computer with only a blank page looking back can be one of the most challenging situations. So may ideas may be running through your head, but deciding on only one topic can be an overwhelming task. Whether you are writing a thesis paper, article, or academic paper, you still may find yourself stuck in oblivion. First things first, keep going and don’t give up. Here are some tips you can follow to get your creative juices flowing.

Options: One of the best things in life is having countless options to choose from. You can have any car you want, any partner you want, to any shoes you want. No one limits you, but yourself. So when you’re writing, determining which topic to write on can be confusing. You may find more research on a certain topic, but have more second nature knowledge of another topic. The best way to take a multiple choice test is to dwindle down A, B, C, D until you find the best answer possible. The same thing is true when finding the perfect topic. It is great to keep your options open, but stay focused on the message you would like to get across and that will be your best option.

Passions: If you are writing on the topic of social media, it is so broad. What do you write about? If you are from Detroit and notice how the homeless population has grown since the job market descended in 2008. You have a choice to write on social networks, fashion, celebrity gossip, or you can write about the homeless problem in Detroit. Social activism definitely plays a big part in social media and more awareness can bring life changing effects to so many individuals. Do not limit yourself when choosing a topic. Finding the heart of the writing piece is the key to success.

Execution: Executing the flawless topic is all about bring your greatest ideas to life. What topic sparks creative flow and puts the twinkle in your eyes? Writing is more than a 9 to 5, clock in, clock out type of job. Writing is finding the universal flow, getting in touch with it, and creating a masterpiece. So when executing a writing piece, make sure that you are in touch with your creative side and coming up with the finest ideas to make not only your piece shine, but you shine through as well.