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Guidelines On How To Write A Qualitative Dissertation Methodology Section

Have you had difficulty with writing any of your papers in the past? If the recent assignments have ended favorably look further in your past until a failure comes to mind. It feels terrible to put effort into your academic work only to realize that you are doing it all wrong. This feeling only intensifies the older you get and the more important the assignment is. Here are a few guidelines that can help you with creating the methodology section of your dissertation:

  • Ask your professor for excellent samples
  • A sample shows you what good work looks like so that you no longer have to guess. All the rules that you might have seen in other places would then be visible in action. This can answer the questions you may not have even known you had.

  • Ask your friends to see their work
  • This is a great idea if your friends are very smart and good students but not so much if they are all slackers. In any case, if your friends are able to assist ask them to see the methodology sections they have put together. If you have questions, ask away and keep on going until all of your confusion has been cleared up.

  • Refer to the official booklet from your selected style
  • There are many styles of academic writing. If you are uncertain about the one your professor has advised you to use, it may be a good time to get your hands on the official guide booklet. This may not be easy for you if you’re broke but the investment often pays it self off in time.

  • Request advice on academic writing forums
  • There will always be people who need help with the same kinds of assignments you currently struggle with. Some of them go to the forums to ask people who are more advanced in their field of study how to progress. You can attempt this too. Once you are polite and make your requests clearly you are likely to get the help you need.

  • Try your best and see what happens
  • Sometime all of the above options will fail you. This is a very difficult situation in deed but not necessarily a reason for you to give up. In such cases you should get whatever resources you do have together and make the best attempt that you can anyway.