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A Proven Database With Dissertation Topics On Educational Leadership

If you are looking for educational leadership topics there are many academic databases you can use to review previous topics or find inspiration for your topic.

The first place you should look for a proven database with dissertation topics on educational leadership is your department. Your school library is very likely to retain copies of published dissertations in your field and reviewing what other students have done will help you greatly. While not all of the previous dissertations or their topics may be published in the library you can contact your advisor or department head and request copies of previous works. They should have some they have permission to distribute.

If you know of another academic institution that is within a reasonable distance from you with a similar program to yours then take some time to explore their library and dissertation collection as well.

Some academic institutions keep a list of previous topics and the writer who authored the dissertation on their website. You might have to look through the main website for your particular program but many programs will feature a list of the previously submitted topics. This can be helpful in terms of inspiration for future students and can also save time by showing students what topics were already covered in their field.

The dissertation is a long and arduous process. Therefore it is best that you stay organized from the beginning and use all of the resources you have.

While you are researching it might do you good to work with another person who checked out similar books or is working on a similar topic. Never underestimate the inspiration that a network can bring especially when you work with someone who is doing similar research.

While you are writing it is important to stay motivated. You can do this by:

  • Keeping track of your word count throughout the process. If your document program does not show the word count as you type see if you can change that feature so that you can always track your progress
  • Reward yourself when you reach small milestones
  • Keep a journal of the progress you have made. In this journal you can note problems you solved and challenges you overcame.
  • Use whatever resources you have for support
  • Make sure to keep your sense of humor throughout the process