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Where do I Get Reliable Literature Sources for My PhD Dissertation?


What makes a good PhD dissertation paper?

Whenever one is writing a dissertation to receive their PhD in a particular field of study, the student must ensure that every part of the dissertation is authentic and original work.  The PhD Dissertation must be written in a manner that proves to the candidate committee that the student is a master in their field of study for the PhD and that they are worthy of receiving their PhD in their particular field of study.  The PhD Dissertation helps the student to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their field of study.  In turn, a well-written and excellent PhD Dissertation will be presented to the candidate committee and the student has an excellent chance of receiving their PhD in their field of study.

What a student should consider when searching for reliable literature sources for their PhD Dissertation?

  • Any resources that one uses in their PhD Dissertation must be original, valid, and authentic. 
  • Whenever one uses literature sources, the student must ensure that they provide information on the source of the mentioned literature.
  • When choosing to use literature sources, the student must brainstorm as to how and where the information will come from.
  • The student must ensure to review any literature sources before considering using them in their PhD Dissertation.

Where can a student find good reliable literature sources for their PhD Dissertation?

  • The best tool to find good reliable literature sources are E-Books and Books.  Books can be found in any school library or public library.  E-Books are good as well because they are accessible via the internet.
  • Another good tool for reliable literature sources are articles from popular and well-known journals.  The best place to find reliable literature sources for one’s PhD Dissertation are from journals in one’s field of study.  These articles can be found in the school library, public library, or an online website for the journal.
  • A student can go to a website that is geared towards their field of study to find literature, information, and data that can be a good reliable literature sources for their PhD Dissertation.  Colleges now allow students to cite websites as sources of supporting evidence for one’s custom term papers.
  • A student can get guidelines from their professor on where to find good reliable literature sources for their PhD Dissertation.
  • A student can use statistics as a good reliable literature source for their PhD Dissertation, if needed, and can get such information from financial information reports for businesses, annual reports of companies, and the library.

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