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Working with dissertation editing services: rules to follow

Follow these rules while working with an editing service

  1. Check their reliability
  2. Negotiate on the price
  3. Set a deadline with some margin
  4. Pass clear instructions to avoid any trouble
  5. If you want to get a paper that is up to your standards, then you need to pass clear instructions.

  6. Stay in close contact
  7. Communication is the key to successful and easy execution. If you want to get a paper, which is a cent percent match to your requirements then you need to stay in good contact. The more you talk to them about your paper, the easier it will get.

  8. Never pay complete fee in advance
  9. If the company asks for funds or half payment in advance then it is okay. However, you should not pay complete fee in advance. You never know if the company is for real and whether they will disappear with your money.

  10. Give valid and recent contact details
  11. The company will ask you to fill in contact details when you order your paper. Make sure you leave a recent and valid email and phone number. This is where they will contact you when your paper is ready.

  12. Never fall for cheap services or spam
  13. It is okay to look for affordable services but you must not fall for cheap services. They may compromise on quality and give you plagiarized material. If you think this rate is not acceptable for a professional writer, then you should not work on it. Sometimes these companies can be spam and give you files that are laced with viruses.

  14. Appreciate when they achieve a milestone
  15. Everyone likes to be appreciated and encouraged. Whenever the company you are working with, completes a milestone and you are satisfied with it, you should give them a go head. Tell them they have done a good job so that they feel more dedicated for your project.

  16. Leave an honest feedback
  17. When you are done with the service, you need to leave a feedback. You do not have to exaggerate anything. Other users will see this feedback and know the quality of the service. Therefore, you need to give an honest opinion. Do not be subjective while you leave the feedback. If you think they were not good enough, you should mention why and how can they improve their services. This will help the company revise their policies.