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Getting Catchy Journalism Dissertation Ideas

It will be difficult to choose the topic of your dissertation if your major is journalism. In this case, originality and wit are necessary requirements, as even the name of the paper must be impressive.

Look at the following prompts if you are searching for inspiration:

  1. Moral lines separating investigative journalism from privacy violation.
  2. Be very careful to make sure that you do not make this essay vague. You must define the limits of journalism clearly and use the current laws to support your position.

  3. The impact of the Internet on journalism.
  4. This topic is very wide, so you will need to narrow it down to the issue you consider most interesting. This may be using blogs to gather materials, marketing strategies on social networks that will help a young journalist attract new readers, or many others.

  5. How did social media change journalism?
  6. The vast majority of people today have easy access to newsworthy information, and the means to capture and post it online. A simple smartphone can be used to spread some scandalous shots throughout the Web within minutes. Analyze how this side of the technological progress affected journalism as an industry.

  7. The role of celebrity journalism in today’s society.
  8. Explain the phenomenon of the paparazzi and identify the reasons that cause it. Determine how important it is in the role of embarrassing and shocking celebrity shots in today’s culture.

  9. When do journalists overstep the line?
  10. Research current legislation about privacy and explain what kind of behavior is not acceptable for a journalist. You will also need to include some information about the punishment journalists can face for overstepping their bounds.

  11. How are female journalists treated in various countries?
  12. As a dissertation is a rather large piece of writing, you should be able to fit several countries into this work. You can choose to compare some neighboring countries or contrast those that are located in different continents.

  13. The impact of globalization on international journalism.
  14. Determine how the process of globalization affected international media presence in different parts of the world. Explain how this helps promote globalization.

  15. How war reporting shapes the image of the nation.
  16. To make this paper more interesting, you will need to combine it with some massive historical research. Choose a conflict to study and compare the image of the warring sides created by the media with the one people can develop from studying factual records.

  17. Journalism and propaganda.
  18. Provide some historical examples of situations where the power of the media was used for propaganda. Evaluate the success of these attempts and explain why they can be so efficient.