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How Do I Write A Dissertation Fast And Productively

When you start researching and writing your dissertation one of the key components to ensuring it is done quickly and productively is to verify the sources you plan to use prior to writing. The worst thing that you can do while working on the dissertation is to use unreliable sources or to fail entirely to verify the sources before you gather them and begin to incorporate them into your work. You can save yourself a great deal of time and effort by taking steps to critically review resources before you start using them as a source in your final product.

When you begin research for your paper, you will find a vast network of resources available on the net. But how can you tell which resources are reliable? Ask yourself about the authority of the item.

  • Who is the author for the piece?
  • Is the name available?
  • Are the qualifications of the author listed?
  • Is there a link to other information about the author?
  • Is there a way to contact the author?
  • Have you ever heard of this author in the past? Was the author mentioned in a class before or cited in texts from a previous course?
  • Does the author have published material anywhere else on the topic?

Ask yourself about the affiliation of the online source.

  • Who sponsors the site?
  • Is the author affiliated with any reputable organization or institution?
  • Does the information on the site reflect the opinion of the author or the organization or both? You can check to see if there is a university name or an “.edu” extension on the web address. You can also reasonably use sites that end with “.gov”. If the website ends with “.org” you need to use caution; while the information is reliable because it is from a non-profit, many non profits are also highly biased. If you find a website that ends in “.com” you should exercise severe caution when considering it as a resource because these sites are sponsored by corporations and other commercial entities.

Ask yourself about the audience level.

  • Some websites are reliable resources but are designed for an elementary level audience, or may be far too technical for your particular project. In these cases it is best to find something at a more appropriate level.