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The Main Structure Rules Of An Undergraduate Dissertation In Engineering

In engineering, the dissertation, or thesis, is the culminating point of the degree. It presents the research that the student conducted in order to receive that degree. It has the role to present to the committee the worthy research that was done by the student. From the other point of view, the committee is looking to see if the student deserves to graduate and if their work has been indeed at a graduation level. The committee will look very carefully at this, so make sure you try to find out what they are looking for so that when you finally present it, you know that you will ace it.

  • Format. It should be formal, trying to keep it as something that you would want some very educated professors would want to read. Nothing like a good idea wasted because it's presented in a bad way, and since I am sure nobody wants that, keep in mind the people you are writing to.
  • The style. If you can, try to avoid any complicated terms or presentation, where it's not needed, and things could be simplified. Getting your points across in fewer selected words it's better than to try to impress with a great vocabulary that has no right layout.
  • How you express yourself will matter the most. Like I said, keeping it formal will have to be your primary concern, so try to write in such a way that you avoid things like " & " instead of "and" , and don't use contractions, such as "don't" or "can't". Keep the grammar as clean as possible. Also, depending on the purpose, using the word "you" will keep most communities on their toes. Try to use " I " or " we " only when you are trying to make the paper seem more dynamic, to have a little bit of everything so that they will like your paper.
  • The target audience is something you should always keep in mind when you are writing. Depending on it, adjust your style, so it pleases everyone, and they will appreciate your work even more. Your work matters, but who reads it matters as well. If you don't rush into things and remember who you are writing for, this will turn out better a lot better than you expected, at first sight, when you started.