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How to Write a Dissertation in One Month

Dissertations usually take about a year to finish, but there are some students who are focused enough to implement other strategies to make this process go a lot faster. Your dissertation can actually be done in four weeks—depending on your topic and your preparation. This may seem like a lengthy task, but if you reserve some time and come up with an effective strategy, you can complete your dissertation in as little as a month. The following ideas may assist you in compiling a strategy to follow for writing a dissertation in one month.


Writing a dissertation is a milestone on its own. It would be an error to begin your dissertation by writing in sentences unless you know the arrangement or structure and the content of what you want to write. Create an outline and stay with it. Outlines will divide your dissertation into minor tasks, allowing you to concentrate on one task at a time. You can work on tasks that require less time to complete and then return to the tasks that are more time consuming. An outline is simply planning what to write before you begin. Outlines should contain all the details that you want to write in your dissertation but exclude the actual sentences. It’s like the skeleton of a dissertation, because it gives you support and suggestions for everything else.


You must establish a schedule to work on your dissertation. This will help you tackle various segments of the dissertation more effectively. Some parts may require more time than others. The task of writing a dissertation can be broken into two segments—researching and writing. To begin writing, you must have information and facts which you will acquire from researching. Spend about five days on your research and make sure you take ample notes during this time. List the topics of subjects that require research and set aside one topic per day. You can also divide the number of topics by the number of days set aside for the research. Plan cleverly and you can’t go wrong. You may need seven to ten days to write the actual dissertation and maybe two days for revision.


Proofreading can be done by yourself within about 2 days. Consider asking friends and family to assist you and if you are really pressed for time, hire a writing company to carry some of the load with you. Take decent breaks in between the proofreading stage. You want a clear mind when searching for any errors or omissions in your assignment.