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List Of Outstanding Thesis Topic Ideas For High School Students

If you want to make an excellent thesis, the topic has to be fit. You can talk about pretty much everything that you are interested in, as long as it has relevance, and it's well understood by the audience. When you are finished you want to make sure that everything combines beautifully, and it will be rewarded for sure, and you will make an excellent piece of work.

  • School. What better thing to write about than school? Our educational system could use a few tweaks before it becomes efficient, why not name a few? And who can notice them better than the students who are studying in that system? Even if you believe that it's perfect, or you believe that it transforms kids into robots, emphasize on it.
  • Work. After you finish, some of you might think of starting work. Where are you going to find work? Are you well paid for starters? It's a tricky subject that kids will have to face at some point, so giving your opinion on it could result in a very interesting idea, if it's executed correctly.
  • Society. You are going to interact with it more and more. How does it affect you? Is it corrupt? Or not? Could it use some better understanding about something? There are many things right and wrong with our society, so presenting them could make a beautiful thesis depending on where you study.
  • War. We face it every day more and more. It's spreading throughout the world; some kids are experiencing it as we speak. Why is that? Does someone cause it? What are the means to stop them? Can people make a difference? Try to research a little bit about the subject since it's one of the most horrible and it's still present today. It could make for a shocking and well anchored in reality thesis.
  • Freedom of Speech. Since this right is taken from us little by little, sometimes even teachers do it in school, it's a very controversial subject. Now you have to be "politically correct" when you express yourself, which is nonsense. Why are people trying to oppress us? Are they doing it because they want it? Should we worry about the future on this matter? This is a very delicate topic, one that could use a lot of attention from the reader since it affects him directly.