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Graduate thesis writing tips: sticking to a proper structure

How to prepare to write one’s graduate thesis?

  • Student should ensure to have selected a topic for the thesis that is easy to research and easy to write about.
  • Student must ensure that they have all the resources needed to begin writing their graduate thesis.
  • Student should always complete an outline of the thesis before begin writing the research paper.
  • Before writing the finalized copy of the thesis paper, should do at least two to three rough drafts of the paper.
  • The resources and sources selected to assist with the writing of the graduate thesis must be enjoyable and easy to read.

How should the graduate thesis be written?

  • The student must create their own distinct style when writing the thesis paper.
  • The main or important points supporting the student’s position on the topic should have their own sentence.
  • The student should not use long sentences, but short sentences when it comes to showcasing the main points of their position.
  • One should never use clauses in sentences discussing the main points.
  • The graduate thesis should include the writer’s thoughts that are their own and original.
  • The student must not be afraid to address other writers’ ideas on the topic in the thesis paper.
  • The student can use the work of other writers to back their position on the topic, but must ensure that they give the writers credit in footnotes, endnotes, and bibliography.
  • Must ensure that the bibliography cites all of the resources and sources used by the student to write the graduate thesis.

How to format a graduate thesis?

  • The thesis paper should have a title page per the specifications of one’s professor.
  • May want to include an acknowledgment page where the student gives thanks to all the individuals who assisted them in the writing of the thesis paper.
  • The thesis paper should have a table of contents that outlines the set-up of the research paper.
  • Each page of the thesis paper should be numbered.
  • The research paper should include footnotes, endnotes, references pages, and bibliography.
  • The thesis paper should include an abstract that gives a general overview of what the thesis discusses.

What are some other pointers in writing a good graduate thesis?

  • Ensure that the topic of the thesis is something one wants to write about.
  • Ensure that the topic has enough information and resources to research.
  • The student shouldn’t be afraid to defend their graduate thesis, if necessary to do so.