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Dissertation Editing – Basic Tricks You Need to Know

A doctoral dissertation is a project that requires maximum attention not only while writing, but also on the stage of editing. To edit it effectively, it is important to remember a few simple rules.

Make Sure that You Have Sufficient Time for Review

A thorough check of your work will take more than one day, and perhaps even more than a week. It is useful to read your paper several times, after a while. This allows you to think over the main points, express them more accurately, remove or add some information if necessary. In addition, rereading gives you a chance to notice some errors that had previously escaped your attention.

The Process of Editing Must Be as Thorough as Possible

It is useful to evaluate the dissertation from many different points of view. Both the whole paper and each part of it should be easy to understand and meet the given requirements. Here are a few main tips that will help with the successful editing:

  1. The title must match its content. If the research process has brought some obvious changes, it is better to update the title accordingly on the stage of editing.
  2. The language must be simple, intelligible and understandable for any reader. It is necessary to formulate all the basic concepts and keywords in advance, and provide enough explanation of them in your work.
  3. Sections should be logically connected. To do this properly, you need to pay attention to the opening and closing sentences of each section.
  4. Every section must contain only the directly relevant information. Entitling the sections helps to avoid placing any unnecessary information in it.
  5. Each paragraph should express no more than one key idea, supported by appropriate analysis, quotations from authoritative sources and examples.
  6. Pay attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation in every sentence, especially if it includes quotes. Avoid unnecessary phrases that complicate understanding of the main point.

Use Several Methods of Dissertation Editing

In addition to checking the work by yourself, it will be useful if your paper will get a review from other people. First of all, a close friend or a family member can do that for you. The matter is that the reader, who is totally unfamiliar with the subject, can easily point to some flaws that went unnoticed. Also, if your finances allow it, hiring a professional dissertation editor is a great idea too. A fresh look of an expert will help give the work its final gloss and significantly strengthen its chances to succeed.