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What You Can Learn From a Well-Written Doctoral Dissertation Example  

Writing an academic paper is a challenging task. All over the world, students go through a difficult time in their attempt to write high school essays, graduate thesis projects and application letters, as well as college/university research and term papers. Because most of the students only get to write a PhD thesis when completing their academic career, most of them are not familiar with the structure of the thesis. Compared to an argumentative essay, a PhD thesis encompasses many things; therefore, students require assistance when crafting these research papers. The best way for students to learn how to craft this type of paper is by viewing samples or examples of other well-written projects.  

Here are several things you can learn from a well-written doctoral dissertation example: 

  • Formatting – observe how the headings appear together with how the pages are numbered. Also take a look at the subheadings, the title page as well as the documentation of sources. You can as well check for the number of paragraphs and the word count of the document. What can you learn from the structure of the paper?
  • Paragraph topics – here you observe the contents of the research paper. Go through the first paragraphs of the document and verify if they are in accordance with the topic.
  • Introduction and Conclusion – read through the introduction as well as the conclusion parts of the documents and check to see where the thesis statement, hook and bridge have been inserted. What kind of hook does the writer of the document employ? What strategy does the writer use to end the dissertation?
  • Style and details – go through the whole paper and evaluate the style that the writer has used. Make sure to check for the type of language the writer has used. Is the language used professional? What is the length of the sentences? Does the writer use any transitions? Does the writer communicate his or her ideas well?
  • Use the sample paper as your source of inspiration – the best approach to know how to format a research paper is by looking at samples. If you have a sample with you, you can write your paper while making reference to it. Make sure that you do not write exact information as presented in the sample essay. Rather, use your own information and credible sources in order to avoid plagiarism.